Triptych Contra Felix

Goodbye, Kitty!

We bought ourselves a kitten,
a tiny, furry thing,
and all the family tried to think
of an endearing name for him.
But he grew into a blydi cat,
and the tribe won’t be ignored.
When he shredded all the furniture
we named the beggar ‘Claude’.

The Ignoble Art of the Spy
(with apologies to Baroness Orczy)

It’s sneaking here, it’s sneaking there;
that cat keeps sneaking everywhere.
Its mind in heaven, its heart in hell – 
that damned intrusive imbecile!

?!@#$!%? Cats . . . !

While DOG, by curious chance,
is GOD spelled in reverse,
those cats assume they are God.
It’s perverse.
You tell a dog to come – 
he comes.
A cat will look the other way
and say, it seems,
‘Yeah, well, when I’m done. Get back to me
sometime. Just might be worth a try’.
It’s always been like that; and
Dog knows why.

(From ‘Epigrams’)

8 thoughts on “Triptych Contra Felix

      1. Diolch, poetryatnightblog!

        WordPress? Dammo!
        Rhywbeth i chwerthyn arno:
        Cath y diawl yw y gath fach i,
        blew fel eira – ond calon du …
        (‘Does dim pinc neu melyn neu coch fan hyn!) 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jacydo! Mabon is excluded from this diatribe-in-verse – I’ve always imagined him to be among the feline nobility.

      Liked by 1 person

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