The Big Comeuppance at the Border

(A Battle of Truly Biblical Proportions) 

Come one step closer, Dai Bach cried,
and I’ll plant this pebble between your eyes!
Goli Mawr roared with laughter and lumbered on;
Dai wrapped the pebble up in a thong.
With a whish and a whoosh it sailed through the air.
Goli Mawr didn’t notice, so intent was his stare
on miniscule Dai, five-foot bugger-all,
from up in the crow’s nest, nine feet tall.
The stone stopped him dead. Wel Duw, Duw! Nefi Bliw!
(not one in his army rushed up to queue …)
Dai’s army let out a rugby-pitch yell
as – golly! – the oversized Englishman fell.

From ‘Memories, Moods, Reflections’

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