The Inheritance of the Peasant Girl (1)

This is an interim post, as I haven’t posted any poems for some weeks now and wanted to get this to my readers before Christmas. The poem will be posted again at some time in the near future, next time complete with notes. Nadolig Llawen i bawb!

The Inheritance of the Peasant Girl

She laughed
and all the honesty of centuries
cascaded to the air.
And I was struck,
arrested by the wonder of that sound,
to think that there were, still, women such as she –   
incomparably good and honest women,
capable of such love
and inward strength
and pure compassion – 
and that all this that I knew lay within her
had lived within those that came before her,
and could be revealed by a single moment
of such guileless spontaneity;
could keep alive, like this, the riches of our unknown kin;
bequeath to us the voice of all the ages.

(From ‘Mysteries: Poetic Reflections on Womankind and Love’)

7 thoughts on “The Inheritance of the Peasant Girl (1)

  1. The unadulterated connection to the past is beautifully conveyed by the choice of words, ‘cascaded’, ‘arrested’ and the variation between short and long lines.

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      1. Oh, weird – but enjoyable! Frantically working on a long article, now, which was intended for Christmas, and which I hope will be ready for posting fairly soon in the New Year. The idea is to make you laugh. 😀 Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

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