Reflections at the Riverside Tower

(From the Chinese of Chao Chia, 9th century AD)

Alone I mount the riverside tower,
alone, and with a sigh.
The moon is reflected in the stream –
the stream becomes the sky.
Ah, where is she who came with me
to watch the moon just so?
Apart from this the scene is such
as it was long years ago.

From ‘Beneath the Silver River: Translations of Classical Chinese Poetry’ 

6 thoughts on “Reflections at the Riverside Tower

  1. Ah, this is truly beautiful Dafydd, simple and serene but the age old sadness of lost love. The imagery of the moon reflected in the stream which then becomes the sky adds to the dreamlike, solitary experience. Gwych, diolch am rannu.

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    1. Thank you, Gill. Yes, quiet reflections here by the poet, both in the water and in the mind. Hapus iawn i rannu.


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