(from the French of Charles Baudelaire)

Sheltered by the sombre yews
the owls are perched abreast in rows,
just like outlandish deities.
They dart their orange eyes, and muse.

Without a movement they remain
until that tristful time arrives
when fading sunset at last fails,
and all about them darkness reigns.

From ‘Nature’

6 thoughts on “Owls

    1. Thank you, Jacydo. I thought it was time for something short and different, and, not having looked at ‘Owls’ for a long while, was surprised by the picture!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Gill. Sorry for the delay replying. I’m surprised that I’m able to send this, as I can’t communicate on FB.


      1. I hope the problems will be resolved shortly, and look forward to your next post. Hwyl am y tro.


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