Medley: The Sounds, Silence, and Scenery of Open Spaces

The seventeen short poems below are, apart from the first
one, a selection of ‘distillations’ – brief ‘Haikuesque’ pieces
intended, in the most minimal sequence of words, to express
the spirit of their subject. As is sometimes to be felt, such sounds, silences, and scenes
can emanate spectral as well as natural propensities.


No, nothing on the mountain
but shadows; and in the air
immensity, and silence – no bird,
no creature there, when
the last rays, pale and tired,
presaged the evening chill.

No soul in sight…
but voices,
echoes, queer and thin,
wavered in the spaces…

The stones remember, still.


Hist! There still abide
echoes of long-gone hymns
upon the bare hillside.


Wind walks; makes
grass talk; sends rumours
through the trees.


Chill sky. Leaves lie.
Wooded slopes stand clear and bare.
Echoes travel miles.


Weeds grow as they will.
The path that was can not be found.
No-one goes there now.

Hill Farm at Night

Log fire smoulders.
Talk murmurs on. Vast darkness
rules beyond the panes.


Darkness falls. Now
odd, terrestrial stars wake
on the mountainside.

Northern Night

Wild, windy dark.
The treetops clash. Serrated pines
tear up the moon.

Northern Sky

Air, chill and raw.
Up there the stars mass,
glittering like rime.

November Morning Climb

Carn Edeyrn top.
See, faint blue smoke from scattered farms
curls up.

On a Cold and Frosty Morning

Crows‘ croaking
admonitions cut through
lifeless air.


Amber tears flow from
the mountain pine. Wind sobs through
her tassels, and she sighs.


Mist on the mountain.
Faint calling of a shepherd
to his dogs.


Great shadows shift
above the lake – steel surface, vexed
by fits of rain.

Still Autumn Night

Stars shine; clear sky.
No breath stirs anything.
On earth, time rests awhile.


Uncertain dawn, with
sea and sky the same –
a dash of rain.

Winter Sky Inscribed

Naked trees
on grey – pale, fanned fossils
pressed in shale.

4 thoughts on “Medley: The Sounds, Silence, and Scenery of Open Spaces

  1. Dwi wrth fy modd hefo’r rhein Dafydd!
    Reading them whilst Eryri is being battered by squally rain and wind. Dinas Dinlle and Ynys Môn no longer visible from here!
    Beautifully evocative, delightful to read. Diolch unwaith eto.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dwi’n falch iawn, Gill – diolch. You have plenty of open spaces there, and weather, presently, to match some of these ‘shorties’!


    1. Thank you, Jacydo. I ran through my ‘distillations’ (400+ of the little blighters 🙂 ) with a theme in mind. I’ve been meaning to post all of them, in stages, as they appear on-screen, in alphabetical order. Their relation to Haiku, though, demands some sort of explanatory essay, as Haiku for an English-language audience – as you know – is subject to a variety of interpretations. But … well, I’ll get around to it!

      Liked by 1 person

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