Spectral Surfaces: Two Perspectives

Forest Pool

Silent, deep. Morose
black water. Movement… none.
Part paved with leaves.

Pool in Darkness

Surface of grey-green,
spread before me, featureless.
Obscure and spectral mistiness;
no sense of distance – measureless.

But at the precise second the lights went out
I managed to smack the black
into the corner pocket.

(From ‘Distillations’ / ‘Epigrams’)

Another two very short, and not exactly spectacular, ‘interim’ pieces while something more substantial is being prepared. The first is from my collection ‘Distillations’ – minimal, haikuesque three-line poems.

An appeal, too. Every now and then I receive notifications from viewers who have come across my website and are following ‘The Igam-Ogam Mabinogion’, being informed each time a new poem is posted. Quite often these viewers – some of whom are fellow-writers – run their own websites, and I do look up each one. But my computer skills are even more minimal than my three-liners, with the result that I am not able to respond, as I would like, with a proper appreciation of their sites – although please be assured that I do read what I see there with interest. Most recently I received such a notification, and read some heartfelt poetry, from Sonam Tsering, a Tibetan exile. Thank you, Sonam, and others who have made contact in this way; I’ll do my best to find out how I can keep abreast of your work.

2 thoughts on “Spectral Surfaces: Two Perspectives

    1. Thank you, Jacydo! ‘Shorties’ again, I’m afraid. Trying to find the to put something longer together. The second doesn’t surprise me any more, as I know what’s coming; but happy that a surprise is there for others!

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