Remains of a Day / Infinities

Remains of a Day

A day’s experiences…
its total portion
a procession of sensations,
coming, going, changing always,
swelling, moving like the waves,
one close upon the other.
Sight gives way to sound
…the shouldering crowd…
touch intervenes,
and taste, and smell
…a meal, a rose…
pleasure, pain,
all overlap, repeat incessantly –
no marshalling, no analysis
to intercede, to contemplate
what constitutes the vibrant pulse
which keeps the string
in motion.

Resting, reflecting,
at the end of day,
the string vibrates on, still.
But parts now resurface from the whole,
small embers stir, and shift, and glow,
and flicker into conscious flame – 
then vanish, unaccountably,
when and where they will.

A random, precious, few,
as memories,


Infinities –
These are the things
which touched our lives
in all the days gone by,
and touch them now
and will do so
through all the years
to come.
There are sunlit hours,
and hours of flowers –
and of shadows,
and of thorns;
and in between the little things,
small happenings, will hide.
Some pass us by,
some will abide
to populate the mind.
Such gladnesses and sadnesses:
the panoply of lives.

From ‘Musings on the Merry-go-Round: A medley of Verse for us Riders of the Earth’

6 thoughts on “Remains of a Day / Infinities

  1. Unusual and interesting poems. I was only thinking the other day how odd it is that we forget so much yet some things, often small ones, leave an indelible impression. ‘Does dim dal dag e’!

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  2. Remains of a Day…A kaleidoscope of events, emotions and sensations which filled a day, and now emerge strung out to contemplate at it’s end, some more transient than others. a tapestry of life’s experiences, some fleeting and delicate, others solid and painful to recall.
    I have enjoyed reading these two poems immensely Dafydd, diolch i ti unwaith eto am rannu.

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    1. Diolch yn fawr, Gill. That’s a nice comment on these two poems (I was a bit worried about the stats for the first couple of days – but they’ve crept up to around the usual number, now, and receiving appreciation like yours makes it very much worthwhile). Diolch eto!

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